About company

Nero Electronics ltd. is an independent Belarusian company that specializes in developing and producing hi-fi electronic solutions for operation of motorized roller shutters, blinds, gates, garage doors as well as light, ventilation and other electrical appliances. Our 19-year experience and long-term partnership with German producers (Nero Electronics was established as a joint Belarusian-German venture) contribute to the design of electronic units that meet customers and consumers requirements and comply with all CIS and EU quality standards. Products by Nero Electronics can be applied by themselves, combined with other product lines by Nero Electronics or with similar products by other manufacturers.


Our products are designed by a highly qualified team of engineers and programmers who use innovative technologies and patented know-hows. All products are made easy to install, to program, to maintain and to use.


Our products quality is backed up by modern equipment and electronic components of world known manufacturers that we use in production. All products go through a strict multi-level quality control.

Sales map

Products by Nero Electronics sell in Germany, Poland, Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS contries.

Nero Electronics is oriented towards diversification of connection technologies that we use in our products. We are open for new partnership. We make sure that the result of our work reflects in your confidence that our products are reliable, safe and bring comfort that we produce specially for you. We believe that our success is based on our cooperation with our consumers and partners!