Intro II

General information about Intro II

Intro II is a professional solution for complex building automation or automation of motorized roller shutters, roller shades, ventian blinds, gates, garage doors, light and other electrical loads when sufficient radio pollution is detected.
Intro II radio receivers

Single-channel wall receiver with front panel Intro II 8513-50

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters, roller shades and blinds with commutated current up to 3A.
The front panel allows to control objects locally.

Single-channel receiver Intro II 8513 IP55 for installation inside a shutter box

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters and roller shades.
The unit is provided with a waterproof housing, that allows to install it outside or inside the roller shutter box.

Single-channel receiver for hidden installation Intro II 8513 UPM

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters, roller shades, blinds, gates, barriers;
• sockets, filament bulbs and other electrical loads with current consumption up to 5A.
A flush-mounted case allows to install the unit in a mounting cup under plastering or a switch.

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Intro II radio transmitters

Nine-channel radio transmitter with timer Intro II 8551-50

A multifunction timer with capabilities that significantly exceed than that of a regular timer.

Single-channel radio transmitter with timer Intro II 8552-50

A regular timer with possibility to set time to raise/lower the roller shutters or switch on/off other electrical load identical for each day of the week.

Two-channel radio wall transmitter Intro II 8503-50

A two-channel wall remote control that can transmit up/on, down/off, stop/off and COMFORT commands.

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Other devices

Light-and-darkness radio sensor Helio 8541R

Designed to transmit the brightness level to Intro II and/or Nero II receivers (in case the Nero 8761 transcoder is used) for automatic maitainance of comfortable light and, thus, temperature in a room.

Frame for combination with Valena cover frame (Legrand)

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