Radio systems

What is a radio system?

Thanks to the modern level of home and office buildings automation, we face the growing popularity of electronic remote control systems designed to operate roller shutters, roller shades, blinds, awnings, garage doors, gates, barriers, light, ventilation and other objects. One of the standard remote control solutions is based on radio communication between an executive device (receiver) and a transmitter. The executive device (receiver) is connected to the object you would like to control, for example, to an electric motor of your garage door. The receiver gets the commands you send with a remote control through the air and "tells" the object (the garage door motor) what to do. Unlike IRDA systems that are also used as remote control systems, radio systems have a much greater 360 degrees working range.

Nero Electronics has developed two radio remote control systems called Radio and Intro ll.

The Radio system has been specially designed to solve common automation tasks when radio remote control is necessary. It is applied in conditions with low radio pollution. Thanks to the basic sets of receivers and transmitters it is possible to choose the necessary modules and optimize the automatic operation of roller shutters, roller shades, blinds, gates, garage doors, light, etc. Radio is an easy way of automation, it can be used in buildings with a ready inside decor without damaging it.

The innovative Intro ll control system is a very safe and reliable way of radio communication thanks to the patented technology of radio pollution and scanning protection. The system is applied to solve complex automation tasks thanks to its wide range of receivers and transmitters (remote controls). In combination with the Nero ll PLC-system it can easily become a part of your smart home system.

Product range of radio systems by Nero Electronics

  • Radio – popular solution for automation of motorized roller shutters, roller shades, venetian blinds, gates, garage doors when no heavy radio pollution is detected.
  • Intro II – professional solution for complex buildings automation or automation of motorized roller shutters, roller shades, ventian blinds, gates, garage doors, light and other electrical loads when sufficient radio pollution is detected. 

Follow the steps below to select the radio system appropriate for your building:

1) Where is your building/parking lot situated?

• In the country => Radio;
• In a city => Intro II.

2) If the answer to the first question is Radio, is the radio pollution high (presence of GSM/CDMA, TV antennas nearby, etc.)?

• No => Radio
• Yes => Intro II.

3) If the answer to the second question is Radio, do you plan to control any objects from a very long distance?

• No => Radio;
• Yes => Intro ll.