General information about Nero

The Nero system transmits and receives operating commands through 230V power line on the basis of a unique patented technology. Thanks to this technology the Nero system is characterized by reliability and high quality of information transmission.

Nero PLC receivers

PLC receiver Nero 8013L

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters and roller shades.
The front panel allows to control roller shutters locally.

PLC receiver Nero 8013 UPM

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters, roller shades, garage doors, barriers, gates, blinds, awnings;
• filament bulbs and other electrical load with current consumption up to 5А.
A flush-mounted case allows to install the unit in a mounting cup under plastering or a switch.

PLC receiver Nero 8013 IP55 for mounting inside a roller shutter box

Designed to operate:
• tubular motors of roller shutters and roller shades.
The unit is provided with a waterproof housing, that allows to install it outside or inside the roller shutter box.

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Nero PLC transmitters

Central PLC transmitter Nero 8010L

Designed to control 9 groups of objects separately and all objects in a building simultaneously.
Digital indicator makes programming and control convenient and easy.

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Other PLC devices

Phase coupler Nero 8015

Used in case when the central PLC transmitter and/or PLC receivers are connected to different lines of the supply mains.

Transcoder Nero 8361 UPM

Designed to combine the Nero and the Radio systems, to use any radio transmitter to control PLC receivers of the Nero product line.

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