PLC receiver Nero II 8422 UPM

PLC receiver Nero II 8422  UPM
The Nero II 8422 UPM PLC receiver is designed to switch on/off different electrical appliances (light, heaters, ventilators, electric motors, pumps etc.), as well as to set up controllable sockets.

The centralized control over Nero II 8422 DIN PLC receivers is carried out without additional wiring with Nero ll central and/or scenario PLC transmitters by transmitting control commands through 230V~ power line. The device is an effective solution when it is necessary to operate an electrical load located at a relevantely big distance from the control point and it is difficult or impossible to lay additional electric wiring.


Installation and connection

• high level of differentiation: control over a wide range of electrical appliances;
• hidden installation into a mounting cup of 60mm diameter and 60mm depth under a socket/switch/plastering;
• easy to install - easy to use;
• possibility to connect different electrical and automation appliances through a potential free contact (commutation of alternating voltage up to 250V or constant voltage up to 24V with current up to 16А);
• possibility to connect a switch.
Characteristic Value
Control objects / switching capacity heaters, fan heaters, heat-insulated floor / 3600 W
filament and halogen bulbs / 1600 W
luminescent lamps / 10 units
pumps and other electric motors with cos=0,4 / 6 A
Number of control objects
Max. number of groups
Supply voltage
~230V (+10-15) %50Hz
Power input, max, W
Outputs 1 relay with NO contacts, dry contact
Nominal switching voltage, V ~250 / =28
IP protection class
Dimensions, mm
Temperature range, oС
in an additional IP65-case
0... +40
-30 ... +50
Installation in a mounting cup 60x60 mm
outdoor - using an additional IP65-case
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