PLC dimmer Nero II 8421 UPM for filament and halogen bulbs

PLC dimmer Nero II 8421 UPM for filament and halogen bulbs
The Nero II 8421 UPM 300W dimmer is designed for local control over filament, halogen bulbs 230V and halogen bulbs with an electronic transformer.

The centralized control over Nero II 8421 UPM dimmers is carried out without additional wiring with Nero ll central and/or scenario transmitters by transmitting control commands through 230V~ power line. The dimmers can also be controlled by Intro II radio remote controls if the Nero II 8761 UPM transcoder is installed in the building.


• dimmering;
• smooth switching which prolongs the operating life of the bulbs;
• SUNRISE/SUNSET function: slow dimmering;
• 2 COMFORT modes: programmed intermediate brightness level;
• 2 operating modes with external sensor: in case the sensor is actuated the dimmer will switch on the light for 1 or 10 minutes;
• automatic dimmering in case of bulbs overheating.
• istallation into a 60x60mm mounting cup, under ceiling's covering, plastering, switch or socket, and inside the IP65 mounting box when using the dimmer outdoors or in wet premises.
Characteristic Value
Control objects / switching capacity filament, halogen bulbs and other / 40 ... 300 W
Number of control objects
Max. number of groups
Supply voltage
~230V (+10-15) %50Hz
Power input, max, W
Outputs 1
Protector, A 2
IP protection class
Dimensions, mm
Temperature range, oС
in an additional IP65-case
0... +40
-30 ... +50
Installation in a mounting cup 60x60 mm
outdoor - using an additional IP65-case
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