PLC dimmer Nero II 8421-50 for filament and halogen bulbs

PLC dimmer Nero II 8421-50 for filament and halogen bulbs
The Nero II 8421-50 300W dimmer is designed for local control over filament, halogen bulbs 230V and halogen bulbs with an electronic transformer.

The centralized control over Nero II 8421-50 dimmers is carried out without additional wiring with Nero ll central and/or scenario PLC transmitters by transmitting control commands through 230V~ power line. The dimmers can also be controlled by Intro II radio remote controls if the  Nero II 8761 UPM transcoder is installed in the building.


• dimmering;
• smooth switching which prolongs the operating life of the bulbs;
• SUNRISE/SUNSET function: slow dimmering;
• 2 COMFORT modes: programmed intermediate  brightness level;
• programming and controlling an OWN group (operation of all light in a room can be activated with another PLC receiver without the central transmitter), for example, operation of all light in a room with one of the dimmers in case a PLC central transmitter is located in another room;
• automatic dimmering in case of bulbs overheating.
Characteristic Value
Control objects / switching capacity filament, halogen bulbs and other / 40 ... 300 W
Number of control objects
Max. number of groups
Supply voltage
~230V (+10-15) %50Hz
Power input, max, W
Outputs 1
Protector, A 2
IP protection class
Dimensions, mm
Temperature range, oС 0... +40
Installation on the wall using a mounting cup
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