PLC systems

What is a PLC system?

Thanks to the modern level of home and office buildings automation, we face the growing popularity of electronic remote control systems designed to operate roller shutters, roller shades, blinds, awnings, garage doors, gates, barriers, light, ventilation and other objects. One of the standard remote control solutions is based on radio communication between an executive device (receiver) and a transmitter. The reliability of radio communication strongly depends on the environment: significant radio pollution decreases the stable functioning of such a system. Usual city conditions with a number of GSM-antennas, radio stations and other similar systems negatively influence your possibility to operate various distant objects with a radio remote control, i.e. central remote control of all objects from one location becomes rather problematic.

Systems that use a less open environment for communication between receivers and transmitters – electric cables of the home power line – have proved to be a very safe solution of this problem. No doubt, it is not at all easy to provide stable communication over the home power line that supplies so many electric appliances which create electric noise and "kil"l signals of the automation system. Modern hi-end technologies that let receivers and transmitters "manouevre" in electric pollution and create stable communication with each other have become a strong foundation of PLC (power line communication) systems.

Therefore, the main difference of radio systems and PLC systems lies in the type of environment they use for communication (air and power line correspondingly). When power line serves as a communication means for a remote control system, its reliability highly increases. It is obvious that remote controls (transmitters) in PLC-systems should be connected to the same communication environment that executive devices (receivers) use, i.e. transmitters should be connected to power cables, which doesn’t let you carry them around like radio transmitters working on batteries. That is why PLC-systems are often combined with radio systems: the latter offer comfortable control from portable radio transmitters, while the former provide reliability to the whole automation system.

Product range of 230V PLC systems by Nero Electronics

  • System Nero is a basic automation solution for roller shutters, gates, garage doors, water pumps (on/off), light (on/off) in private homes and medium size office buildings.
  • System Nero II is a professional automation solution for complex control of light, roller shutters, blinds, gates, garage doors and other electric appliances in private homes and big office buildings.

How to select an appropriate PLC system for your application


 Nero System

Nero ll System

Object to be controlled

Roller shutters, garage doors, various electrical loads

Roller sutters, roller shades, venetian blinds, awnings, garage doors, light, various electrical loads

Size of building

Private homes, medium size office buildings, shops, etc.

Private homes, big size office buildings, shopping centres, etc.